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Wisconsin Technology Council: Need for improved rural broadband coverage examined in Wisconsin Tech Council report

Widespread access to high-speed broadband coverage is necessary for the overall health and prosperity of much of rural Wisconsin, a report issued Monday by the Wisconsin Technology Council has concluded.

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Cheaper broadband, PCs coming to low-income families

Cable companies will offer high-speed Internet service to low-income families at around a fifth of the national average price, the top U.S. communications regulator will announce on Wednesday. Families who qualify for free school lunches will be able to sign up for $9.95 a month high-speed Internet services from top cable providers.

Further, families eligible for free or reduced school lunches will be able to buy low-cost computers from leading technology companies. Specifically, households need at least one child that participates in the National School Lunch Program to be eligible for the reduced high-speed Internet service. The initiative is part of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) effort to extend affordable broadband Internet access across the United States. A third of Americans, some 100 million people, do not have high-speed Internet services in their homes, with cost being among the top barriers to broadband adoption.

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